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Every year, thousands of disadvantaged youth drop out of high school, starting down a road that too often leads to poverty, dependence, and crime. *YouthBuild helps youth choose the more productive path toward self-sufficiency by enabling them to earn a GED and gain marketable construction skills. In YouthBuild, participants spend time learning in the classroom, earning income as a trainee at construction sites, and contributing to their community by helping to build or rehabilitate affordable housing.

YouthBuild Columbia programs offer educational and job training services, leadership training, counseling and other supportive services, as well as on-site  training in housing construction. 


YouthBuild Columbia pays for the costs of:

  • GED preparation and Adult Education

  • Participant wages for construction training

  • Participant stipends for classroom training

  • Other training related service

*YouthBuild Columbia is funded by the US Department of Labor.

For more information about the YouthBuild USA Foundation please  click here

We are currently accepting applications for YouthBuild Columbia


  • 16-24 years old

  • Have not earned a GED or High School Diploma

  • Unemployed or underemployed 

  • Must reside in the Columbia Empowerment Zone area and/or in Richland or Lexington County

For an application please click here  

Please call 803.705.4631 or 803.705.4682  for more information 


Meet Ms. Fanny Moore 

Before YouthBuild, Fanny was unsure about many things in her life and making bad decisions that would impact her future. After YouthBuild, Fanny is taking steps to build the life she wants for her children and herself. Fanny shares her story of success.

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